Change 4 Life

Help people in your community to eat better and move more with our Change 4 Life tools. The toolkits are full of advice, fun activities, posters and editorial, or you might just want to view our huge range of leaflets and posters. Don’t forget to check our guidance and insight section too. Use these toolkits to talk to people you work with about making a Change 4 Life. Simply click on the link below to take you to the employer’s resource page.

  • Mid morning munch swap
  • Less on your plate swapcahnge-for-life
  • Taking the stairs swap
  • Hop off early swap
  • Make life sweeter swap
  • Wholemeal, whole body swap
  • Salad swap
  • Side order swap
  • “Who feels like feeling better?”
  • Table talkers for employees
  • Tray liner for employees

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