Governments Free Occupational Health line

The Government Response to Dame Carol Black’s Review of the health of Britain’s working age population noted the particular challenges small businesses face in relation to tackling health and well-being issues – the disproportionate impact ill health absence has upon them, and the fact that line managers have a key role to play but that lack of information and poor access to occupational health advice are the most common barriers for action.
Recognising this, Government launched occupational health advice line pilots in England, Scotland and Wales on 7 December 2009 that will run until March 2013.


Health for Work
Tel: 0800 0 77 88 44


Healthy Working Lives
Tel: 0800 019 2211


Health at Work Advice Line
Tel: 0800 107 0900

They provide small business owners and managers with early and easy access to high quality, professional advice, tailored to their needs, and in response to individual employee health issues at work, including mental health issues.
From 6 April, GPs in England can also access professional occupational health support for individual patient cases by calling a new dedicated advice line – 0800 022 4233.

The occupational health advice line for small business is available to:

Owners and managers in businesses with 0-249 employees (for England and Wales. In Scotland, the service is available to all businesses)
Employees working in businesses with up to 249 employees (for England and Wales. In Scotland, the service is available to employees in businesses of all sizes)

Qualified occupational health nurses are available to take calls during office hours to provide advice on any occupational health issue affecting an individual employee.

This direct support will help small business managers to retain the employee at work or help them back to the workplace as soon as possible following a period of sickness absence. We are placing particular emphasis on supporting employers to manage mental health issues in the workplace.

Opening hours for all pilots
Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm (9am – 4.30pm on a Friday in Scotland)