Midlands Workplace Wellbeing’s intention is to spread the word on the positive impact workplace health and wellbeing has on business.  To help us do this we have developed a series of pages to help clients get stated.  To find out more on the topics below either click on the relevant link or use the drop down on our resource page.

Relevant reading – Over the years many reports have been published showing the importance of good workplace health. To make life easy we have collated these reports in one easy to find place

Useful Websites – There are  many websites that offer health and wellbeing advice for both employee and employer. Here you will find links to websites from Samaritans to Smoke Free NHS.

Support Initiatives The world of workplace health and wellbeing can often be a minefield.  To help organisations see what support initiatives are available we have listed some of the things we think are important.  This list will be added to as we find more support areas we think are useful to our clients