Who We Are

Hi and welcome to Midlands Workplace Wellbeing. I’m Renée Clarke and I’d like to tell you a little more about me and my company.Renee_Clarke (1)

I have worked in the health and wellbeing sector for 11 years and is passionate about the benefits of workplace health and wellbeing and the effects it has on performance. My expert knowledge of the industry has lead me to deliver to some of the UKs largest public and private organisations. By working with key people I am able to offer a wide range of health and wellbeing services to fit all organisations needs.  My passion in workplace health and wellbeing has lead me to undertake a Master Degree in workplace health with Nottingham University.


Midlands Workplace Wellbeing Limited are a leading provider of Health and Wellbeing services in the UK. We work with organisations to help identify areas of high risk, put in place measures to reduce this risk and monitor the positive effects this has on business. By investing in the heath and wellbeing of their workforce our clients report up to 3% return on their investment.  Benefits of investing in health and wellbeing include:

·     Reduced absenteeism caused by stress and muscular aches and pains
·     Increased morale and motivation
·     Lower staff turnover
·     Noticeable improvement in productivity and less presenteeism

Our premier service offers packages which are tailored to meet  your organisational needs.  We pride ourselves on offering a quality, value for money integrated service that helps reduce the costs incurred due to staff sickness and reduced performance and ultimately increase your business profits.

With sickness absence in the UK costing the Economy £100bn per year and more than 175 million working days being lost due to sickness related illness there is no better time than now to start investing in your biggest resource.