Workplace Health Consultancy

With over 10 years experience of working within the workplace health and wellbeing industry we feel we have a lot of knowledge and expertise to share with our clients.  We understand not every organisation is the same but there are many similarities faced when addressing workplace health and wellbeing.

Most organisations understand the negative impact illness, absence and low productivity has on business but dont have any real knowledge of how to address it or why it is important.  By working with you we can help identify the main barriers to creating a happy, healthy and productive workforce, put control measures in place and monitor the positive effect this has on your business.

Our consultancy service includes:02A15MFQ

  • Sickness absence management
  • Stress and wellbeing policy planning
  • Health and wellbeing programme planning
  • Implementation of the HSE stress management standards
  • Putting the business case forward and return on investment

Organisations who invest in the Health and Wellbeing of their workforce report at least a 3% return on their investment.  To see how much you could save please call us on now 01202 987916 or email