Workplace wellbeing consultancy

The Midlands Workplace Wellbeing consultancy team will work with you to identify the main areas of concern regarding Health and Wellbeing in your workplace.  Most organisations understand that sickness absence and low productivity costs money but have no idea exactly how much and why.  By working with you we can help identify the main reasons for sickness absence and put controlled measures in place to help reduce the associated costs.

Our consultancy service includes:02A15MFQ

  • Sickness absence management
  • Stress and wellbeing policy planning
  • Health and wellbeing programme planing
  • Implementation of the HSE stress management standards
  • Putting the business case forward and return on investment

Organisations who invest in the Health and Wellbeing of their workforce report on average a 3% return on their investment. To see how much you could save please call us on now 01202 987916 or email